Saturday, 27 August 2011


Welcome to the House of Fun, tra la la la la (there, you'll be humming that all day now!)

That would be Bag End-style fun, rather than the gentle antics which most people engage in over a Bank Holiday. The next ten days will not be quiet (roofers' boots above the bedroom ceiling at 8.00am?) and thoroughly & horribly expensive but at the end of it we will have a roof that should last another 40+ years. Seeing as that is about as long as I plan to garden at Bag End, that'll do then.

(there were two of these wagons, that's an awful lot of scaffolding)

There were no mishaps of the 'foot in flowerbed' kind - because I've spent most of the last two days watching the workmen Very Closely.


  1. We're having new storm shutters done, a new garage door and we've already had upgraded hurricane clips installed. Going to be noisy around here tomorrow too. But, it does need doing. Now, to get around to that new very expensive roof sometime soon. (big sigh)

    Please treat yourself to a good trek. Your garden is going to still be there when the good trekking weather has gone.

  2. Thanks FFG, hope the work on your house goes well.

    I will go walking, promise!

  3. It would be madness not to have the job done and then to have major interior problems when the roof leaked. Sadly these maintenance jobs need to be done and they're never cheap! I hope you have some good weather in the next couple of weeks, both for the roof job and for Management's holiday. Happy walking!

  4. SewAli, thanks for your good wishes, and I know you understand the 'joy' of an older house that needs constant work, but the location means you wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

    The weather forecast for the next week is as good as you'll ever get at this time of year. We're currently laying tarps over the new insulation to (hopefully) keep as much muck off it as possible. The old black bitumen-based underfelt is completely rotten and will make one hell of a mess once they start removing it.


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