Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lawn care

Hmm, "lawn care" conjures up visions of bowling green precision, stripes and not a clover leaf in sight. Well, maybe anywhere else but not here. After yesterday's epic session with the brush cutter we were left with something which resembled a recently harvested field rather than a garden lawn.

Spent the entire day going backwards and forwards with the mower. Some areas needed three separate trips, lowering the mower blade each time. Not a difficult day but long and hot and tiring. It did look a heck of a lot better when done and the compost bins were even more full!

When he'd finished work, Management came to help. When I got the Mantis tiller I bought the scarifying wheels as well and it was time to see if we could remove years of thatch from the grass and work towards improving the conditions for it to grow better in future. Try as I might, doesn't seem to matter what attachment I have on this dratted thing, I cannot manage the Mantis. Management says that I can, and it is all down to technique and frame of mind.

For once, he is wrong, it doesn't matter what I try, the bloody thing bucks and pulls, destroys my arm/shoulder muscles and I can't do it.

So he spent a couple of hours gently going over a section of the side lawn doing a superb job at removing vast quantities of thatch. So much that it took me at least two passes with the mower over each strip to pick up what had come out.

It's going to be a huge job to do all the grass, fingers crossed for a couple of dry weekends.

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  1. By 'eck. I don't pop in for a few days and look what you get up to! You haven't half been busy all of you!
    Impressive work :)


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