Friday, 19 August 2011

Just get in there and get on with it.

A lovely day despite getting very wet on numerous occasions!

With LP's help, many stones were moved to the Cottage Garden first thing.

I washed years of dirt and grime off smaller pieces, they are destined for what we're calling the 'cobble shelf' which will be our first attempt to hide the liner. Having played the Let's Make a Pond game before we are under no illusions that we will get it right first time and fully expect to spend the next year or so continually playing tweaking things until we're happy with it.

We were eager to get some stone in the water, therefore I got wet, LP helped, and Management supervised from the sidelines with camera in hand. This is one of those rare occasions when I didn't immediately want to delete every single photo of me, so here's something you won't see very often:

"If I slip and anyone laughs, you're both dead"

"how deep did we say this needed to be?"

Putting extra bits of butyl under the stones to protect the liner.

"do you know how much water is running out of my jeans?"

More than a little pleased with myself, but badly in need of dry clothes.

Then I Remembered The Lumps of Slate . . . Hidden under the out-of-control conifers which dominate the large bed next to the drive were some big bits of stone. It didn't take LP long to get them out and he even cussed about the weight of a couple of them which tells you how heavy they were ...

There followed debate about which should go where - I insisted we did all the "turn it this way, no, move that one to the right" on the grass and that once something was in the water it was going to stay put. At this point it was more important to get stones in place than take photos of getting stones in place so sadly there are no pictures of the work in progress.

However, we tidied up, popped the plants in the water on a temporary basis (they all need repotting), tweaked an edge which suddenly seemed low and threatened to leak and just as it started to rain stood back and admired our work. There are still hours more messing around needed but that will be thoroughly enjoyable.

Just like Liz at Nutty Gnome, I too get raised eyebrows when I insist on escape ramps for hedgehogs, but the men around here know that sometimes it is just easier to let me do what I want rather than argue with me.☺


  1. We didn't get our pond right either but the redesign was a bit drastic. It meant removing everything building a wall around the edge and relining. I hope it was a warm day when you wre up to your middle in water!

  2. Oh Sue, that sounds horribly drastic. It was quite warm in the pond - I only got cold when I climbed out :}

  3. Well, hello, Ms Waggins, pleased to meet you! :)

    (and no, the pic of you in the head-to-toe loft clearing outfit does not count!)

    Pond looking FAB (but blogger eating comments again - grr)

  4. Thanks Hazel, the things us Hobbits have to do in the name of garden creation!

    Blogger eating comments here too - couple of nights ago it wouldn't even let me leave comments here to reply to yours ... grrrrr.

  5. that's taking 'roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty' to a whole new level. Stood thigh high in pond water did make me chuckle (I would have stifled it of course if you'd had the misfortune to slip!).
    Bag End is looking fab and I'll look forward to snapshots of the wildlife that will be flocking to your pond once word gets out.

  6. Wet hobbit - Nassssty!

    It's looking faulous!

  7. Looking great, you and the pond! You definitely need escape ramps for hedgehogs with that depth.

  8. looks like you guys were having way too much fun LOL, but the pond's looking great!

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  10. Hazel, been doing some research about Blogger eating comments.

    Clear your cookies, cache and all history. Log out of browser, then come back in again (apparently do not tick the 'remember me' box). I've temporarily changed the comment form to this pop-up box because that is recommended and it does see to have worked - this is the first time for a week that I've been able to leave a comment using the laptop (instead of the Mac). Blogger forum says it's a corrupt cookie issue .... ruddy technology

  11. Nic, it wasn't particularly dirty - rainwater from the shed & greenhouse roofs (but the shower afterwards was very nice!) If I HAD slipped, of course you wouldn't have stifled it - you'd have roared with laughter along with the rest of us (including me).

    VH - silly girl, you'll be muttering about 'my precious' next :}

    Jo, lots of escape routes and when I have the edges done there will (of course) be a pebble beach.

    SewAli, way too much fun, and after all the slog here, we deserve it! Thanks for the vote of confidence, it will look even better when I get the edges tidied up.

  12. Having a catch up! Great to see both the pics of you and the pond. I am astonished how 'finished' it looks with water and a few rocks and plants dotted about! Fabulous!

  13. Jill, in truth, I am a little disappointed because it looks far better for real than in pictures. You'd better pop over and see for yourself when you and D. next come up for a weekend .......


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