Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Here's one for Ollie's friends

Management saw this on TV tonight.

Friends of Ollie may wish to acquire a Kleenex from 48 seconds onwards ......

Untitled from beck rainford on Vimeo.


  1. Nah - that's rubbish - I've scrutinised this on slo-mo - he ain't nowhere near as handsome as Ollie!


  2. Yep ,,, Have to agree with Hazel on that one :-)!

  3. Ah, the Beardie anemometer :)

  4. Hazel, Jill - this lovely Beardie might not be as handsome as Mr Hairy, but still damn gorgeous (and even sounds like The Boy).

    QuiltSue - sorry, didn't mean to make you snuffle.

    James - all he needs is some Biggles-style goggles :}

    Now, does any clever and more tech-savvy soul than me know how to download (and therefore KEEP) a clip from Vimeo 'cos I'm damned if I can work it out?

  5. Fortunately the geek in me likes a challenge, so I hope you enjoy the clip!

  6. James, you can be as geeky as you like! You are a STAR and a gentleman and a true friend AND you've just g'teed yourself an Appleby Brie next time you visit!

    Thank you so much, xx


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