Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday night

Sometime during the day, Management, LP and I got to talking about the huge and horrible tree stumps at the bottom of the garden. Management and I have had a couple of attempts to get rid of them but each time the plan has fallen through. It seems that LP has been eyeing up this little problem for sometime and he Had A Plan ...

This is how it looked before we started, bloody awful and completely depressing! This is probably the worst it has ever been; by deliberately concentrating on the Cottage Garden area this year we have made astounding progress at the front but it does mean that everything else has gone to hell in a handcart.

After going home and having supper he came back, suitably 'tooled up', the tools in question being some very large wedges, splitting maul and a couple of huge sledgehammers.

There are no words to describe just what HARD WORK it was to split the smaller stumps (well, there are words but I cannot spell them or put them on a blog!). Management swears he is never doing this again.

The bonfire comprised everything which had been split, half a dozen smallish (suitcase sized) lumps which had been laying around, plus two medium-sized stumps, rolled onto the edge of the fire for good measure!

Seeing as I could barely lift my arm above my shoulder, let alone turn my head, I was (thankfully) excused heavy duties and spent most of the evening pulling thistles. Very satisfying to put them straight on the fire and see the back of 'em!


  1. I love a good bonfire! Hopefully the end of the dratted things! I can well imagine the effort of splitting them!

  2. At least we are down to just 6 monsters now ....... they won't split or burn, just too big for me to manage.


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