Friday, 19 August 2011

Autumn is coming

The seasons are changing; leaves starting to fall from trees, berries forming, dew on the grass in the morning, a feeling in the air, but the sight which says 'Autumn is coming' is of a thick river mist rolling slowly down the Derwent.

Almost imperceptible there was even a tiny amount of vapour coming off the pond liner as the sun started to warm it, sadly this didn't show on my photos.

Taken at 7.00 I confess it looked far more dramatic at 5.15 - but that was a quick trip to the bathroom, a glance out of the window in awe, and the decision to get straight back into bed and sleep a bit more.

I'd forgotten one of the bonus aspects of building a pond - reflections.


  1. Another bonus is the sound of running water as water flows back out of the filter.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of the mist - and the pond is really starting to take shape now. I love the reflections in our pond too :)

    Nowt wrong wi' washin' stones!
    I got laughed at for making a toad and hedgehog escape ramp!!!
    Can't wait to see the end result. Will it be done by the time I get back from my jollies in a couple of weeks?! :P

  3. It's alright - honestly we do not expect you to get your camera in the early hours just to take the faint mist over you pond - honestly - although it would have been nice to see it. Next time leave your camera handy on the bathroom window sill.

  4. There has been a shift in the weather, hasn't there? Been noticing the same thing here for the past several days. Still August, and still hot, but something feels different.
    Glad the yard and gardens are doing so well.

  5. Sue - no filters and pumps in this one, purely a wildlife puddle.

    Nutty, thanks for commenting. You'll like what we did on Friday, not sure it will be completely done within a fortnight though (not if your track record of moving stones is anything to go by, ha ha).

    Waver - you do make me laugh, Management suggested the same thing and yes, I did put the camera in the bathroom last night. Rained all evening so no nice views this morning but it's a good idea for the future.

    FFG - the air tastes/smells/feels different, doesn't it? I love the changing seasons but am not sure if I am looking forward to this summer ending and moving into the (long) season of mud ......

  6. Your first pic is so pretty!

  7. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ,,,

  8. Jill, season of cloud inversions for lucky walkers?


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