Wednesday, 31 August 2011

90 minutes from Lockerbie

7.00am and I was going to have a much-needed lie-in. Roofing crew not expected back until 8.30 so the doorbell was not welcome.

A charming young man driving the biggest wagon I have seen here and towing a trailer - a trailer full of our roof tiles. Rushed into clothes, moved my car, discussed where to drop the pallets and offered him a brew. He apologised for being so early and I asked him what time he had set out: "oh, about 5.30" he cheerfully replies.

So that's how I know I am 90 minutes from Lockerbie, a useless factoid that I could quite happily do without. Management slept through the entire thing which takes special skills, he's good like that!


  1. Are these slate? What came off the house? Can't wait to see it finished, how long do they anticipate the job taking?

  2. Make sure you check out how much the tiles weigh in total (hopefully on the delivery note) as I think you'll be surprised. B-I-L had something like SIXTEEN TONS of tiles when he redid his roof — amazing amount of weight!

  3. SewAli, oh my dear, I wish it were slate. That would, however, have cost over £40,000 JUST for the tiles. These are normal, environmentally unfriendly concrete (although with a lifespan of 50-60 years I reckon they will pay back their carbon footprint many times over).

    James, weight is not an issue. Have had a structural engineer check the roof supports (for solar panel weight) and the new roof tiles are half the thickness of the old ones. I think I overheard someone say each pallet (220 tiles) weighs 1.2 tons, thanks for the thought though.

    Pat - lie in, hmm, perhaps that's what people in towns do at weekends (ha ha ha). I know you and The Farmer don't get to lounge about once it's light!

  4. It's quite scary the weight above your head! We had our roof done here just after we moved in.

    Despite leaving work I am annoyingly still wide awake at 6 every morning! Just need Yorkshire to brighten up a bit so I can enjoy being at home!

  5. In our house it wouldn't have been me that rushed to the door!

  6. Ah - I appear to have blinked (in the non-scary-weeping-angels kind of way) and missed the fact that you have taken the roof off your house. (*insert 'OMG - astonished smilie' here)

    You don't muck about, do you?! Frankly, can think of more entertaining ways to spend a two week holiday (and just watch me!), but each to their own. ;-)

    PS You are quite right re: lie-in comment, hobbit - don't think I didn't spot it!

  7. Hazel, love the Don't Blink reference {giggle}.

    We've know this needed doing for some considerable time (see June 2008 for water pouring through sitting room ceiling) and no, it is not exactly how Management would choose to spend a holiday but we never planned to go away and it is nice having him here to share the decisions/see what's happening.

    PS: what's a lie-in?

  8. Hazel, PPS: in your defence, you have been MORE than a tad busy in the last couple of weeks with Sue's Quilt-a-long and your own sewing ....

  9. Jill - sorry you're still waking at silly o'clock even though you're not going to work.

    Sue - I'd prefer it wasn't me either but Management can sleep through any amount of noise, even the doorbell ringer strategically placed just outside the bedroom .......


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