Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Unexpected shopping, 2

Always follow your hunches.

On the way back from shopping today I had an idea to call into a local garden centre. It's not my favourite place, the plants are mostly tatty and the staff are generally unhelpful. Today the staff were their usual cheery selves but I came home with two healthy looking Clematis and a semi-evergreen Jasmine (which I wouldn't have thought to buy if Country Bumpkin and I hadn't been brainstorming plants yesterday - thanks M'dear).

Clematis Montana 'Elizabeth' and Jasmine officinale 'Clotted Cream'

Slight concern about the potential hardiness of the Jasmine but I have a relatively sheltered position in mind for it.


  1. We've been buying clematis too - will be posting about it soon.

    I saw a jasmine in our local supermarket that claims to have red flowers - I was tempted!

  2. Sue, J. beesianum has pinky-red flowers and winter berries, and J. officinale 'Inverleith' has red & white flowers.

  3. I had Elizabeth at my old house. Lovely - rampant too. I hope it has a lot of room!
    I have a jasmine with varigated leaves and it got through the last winter. I didn't choose it - someone gave it to me so I banged it in!

  4. Pleased to have been of use - the jasmin was your idea, and a good one. Hopefully it will be hardy enough - you never know till you try, and often things that are said to be slightly tender turn out to be tough as old boots (and vice versa). Experience is the best reference book in the world!

  5. I think with plants like the Jasmine you just have to take pot luck.

  6. VH: I know how rampant the Montana varieties are - they are going on the trellis fence, nearly 40 foot should be enough :}

    CB and Pat - I agree, my favourite reference book says this Jasmine is deciduous, the label says it is semi-evergreen?

  7. We have a variegated jasmine which has survived for years.

  8. I had the variegated one in a previous garden, Sue. the scent was good but I confess I didn't like the foliage.


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