Sunday, 31 July 2011

Planting Weekend

The plan for this weekend was to get the new big bed planted up and thereby empty the nursery area of most of its contents. Only half of that plan worked.

On a recommendation from Sue at Green Lane Allotments I finally bit the bullet and ordered some clematis online. I really don't like buying plants unseen but the lack of varieties locally meant either some very long drives or risking mail order. Taylors delivered promptly and the plants were good, although one was rather small. Despite their careful packing one box had taken some severe knocks before it got to me but thankfully the plants were relatively unscathed.

It should not have taken all of Saturday to plant ten clematis but my excuse is being thoroughly tired, it was extremely hot, and sitting in the arbour was a terribly attractive proposition.

Sunday morning was better and I set out all the perennials. I already knew that I didn't have enough plants for the whole bed and without any shrubs I wasn't going to be able to put a backbone in. Once the nursery benches were cleared it was immediately apparent that that serious additional Horticultural Retail Therapy was required.

A quick trip to Seaview Nurseries produced quite a bonanza. Not only did I come back with shrubs for the bed but also the makings of our next evergreen hedge.

Ilex aquifolium Heckenstar, known as Blue Holly, potential height 25m and potential spread 8m. That should make a nice bit of bird-friendly dense hedge.

That's better!

Completed a small section next to the arch before I called it a day and had an early supper. Honeysuckle and clematis at the back, Heuchera Palace Purple and Japanese Anemone Bressingham Glow at the front. It could do with something to provide colour and structure during the winter ....

July has been another dry month, rain only stopped play on a couple of days.


  1. Ten clematis! I'm glad they arrived safely - one of ours was a bit small too but all are now growing.

    What about something like a witch hazel for winter?

  2. Six from Taylors Sue, I already had the others.

    Witch hazel is a good idea, thanks.

  3. I've been enjoying following your progress and admiring the plants you have been putting in place, even if I don't necessarily recognise them by their names. I had to laugh when you needed to buy more plants just to fill out one bed, as you already have enough plants to fill my garden several times over.

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Taylors as I have been trying but failing to locally source some low growing clematis for the first project in my garden makeover. Having seen the quality of the plants you have received I feel quite confident in ordering some from them, especially as they have just what I want in stock.

  4. Hi Useless, my husband hates me using Latin names for plants but some of them don't have common names (that I know of).

    Eeek, now I will feel responsible if you don't like your clematis! Have left a comment at your blog about the lavender. Hope you can add some pictures to future posts.


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