Monday, 25 July 2011

It's Monday

Country Bumpkin left a comment on Friday's post. Two simple words: It's Monday. Which is CB-speak for "so, where's the pond, then?".

I resisted the temptation to point out if she cares that deeply about our village puddle then she can ruddy well get in the car and come over here and help me.

After a very domesticated weekend where Management and I moved the washing machine, freezers, re-hung doors and finally got the laundry room functional (a definite TA DA moment), I continued by re-painting a wall that Wayne repaired a crack in and varnishing more skirting board.

(after filling and before sanding, Hobbit is NOT impressed)

As the supply of home-made compost is nearly finished and the huge bed in the Cottage Garden has a need for much soil improvement, I made two trips to the stables bringing back 13 buckets of manure on each occasion. This time I let B. bring the filled buckets up to the car with a quad bike and trailer and that saved much physical effort but didn't save any time due to the necessity of much talking.

After a brief collapse and supper I had a small bonfire at 8.30pm which got rid of all the rubbish removed from the huge bed last week.

Oh, and there is still no pond .... but there was time to enjoy the view.


  1. We always try to live with the shape mapped out for a few days to decide whether we want to change our minds or slightly adapt. It's too late once the hole is dug out. So there's your excuse - umm I mean reason!

  2. Thank you Sue! Actually, my (excuse) reason is that I needed to get the horse manure and other things done to fit in with a planned delivery. Pond digging is elective surgery, other tasks couldn't wait.

  3. I love ponds (and labyrinths). We have 3 ponds here and we have nowhere near as much land as you (or we'd have a labyrinth!)

    That looks like a good drop of muck lass.

  4. You know I'd love to help - if only I had time. But Hey, you don't need me. You've got LP for all that sort of stuff. Next time he's having a bad day, give him a spade! I look forward to seeing the other 'Village Puddle'. We had a brief visit from Tommy the Toad in ours just now while sitting in the sun enjoying the peace and quiet. You know you can't wait.

  5. You may not have a pond yet, but it looks like there's pretty constant progress at Bag End.

  6. Thanks VH, 3 ponds is obviously the correct number, that is how many we want ☺

    CB, you're right, as always.

    SewAli, we've been very fortunate so far this year, you'll see a few changes next time you visit.

  7. You've gone mad gardening and blogging again, and I can hardly keep up - you're doing wonderfully well, and to be planting out so much is fantastic!

    I can see in the pics that the plants are enjoying your well prep'd soil and are putting on growth already.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your pond plans move forward - another exciting step!

  8. Thanks Hazel, it is all a bit mad here at present but got to get on whilst the weather allows. The hardy geranium at the front of the lasagne bed are Making Like Triffids ☺

    Pond plans are progressing ........ {grin}

  9. I love the last photo. Cool to look at.

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