Friday, 22 July 2011


The unwary might think that Bag End is entirely my creation but that is not the whole picture. I might be in charge of planting and the actual "making it happen" generally falls to me but the inspirational design-led "why don't we........." moments usually come from Management. The trellis dividing the Cottage Garden from the utility area was his idea, as was the tall trellis fence which gives us privacy from the neighbour. I have told him on numerous occasions both ideas were completely inspired.

At the end of the day we sat and looked at progress to date and started talking about the small pond, barely a puddle, which I want to create opposite the house. Himself sits in a chair and directs operations, asks questions about planting, gets very frustrated when my answers make sense to me but not him, and soon we have a solution that might take weeks (months?) to implement, but I know it will work.

What has not been so successful is the Fedge Bed at the side of the Potager. The ends are OK (ish), Weigela Bristol Ruby and Heuchera Palace Purple near the house and Skimmia japonica Rubella, ferns and Heuchera Beauty Colour at the hedge end, but the middle is going nowhere. The Viburnum are fairly unhappy and after nearly a year in the ground those which have not died are only just starting to make new growth.

The real problem however is that the bed is too narrow, Management has solved this problem with one sweeping suggestion. What he has come up with is completely right, will work perfectly and is basically quite simple. It will, of course, be a lot of physical work and take more than 20 minutes. Like all Bag End plans that I would actually like to see to fruition, however, the detail will remain between him and I until work starts.


  1. Our pond started of as a puddle and like Pinocchio's nose just grew!

  2. That's what tends to happen to flower beds in my gardens.

  3. Get your spade out - it only took me 12 hhours to do ours (OK a bit longer to gather all the stones and 'arrange them'), so I expect to see it finished tomorrow!

  4. All coming along very nicely by the look of it Bilbo.

  5. CB - do you mind if I wait until Monday, I've still got a lot of skirting board to varnish.

    Pat - yes, definitely turned a corner (about time :} )

  6. Lovely idea - though, when I saw the markings on the grass I thought, eh up. The lass is making a labyrinth! Much as I hate lawn I'd love enough to make a miz-maze!

  7. VH - you're spooky, I have occasionally considered mowing the Cottage Garden grass in a miz-maze pattern and wondered if anyone would notice.☺


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