Friday, 22 July 2011

Busy at Bag End

Thursday and Friday have been busy days in the garden. I'm thoroughly tired but it has been extremely productive.

First there was construction:

(can you tell what it is yet? ☺)

Sometimes working with Management can be stressful because he is more of a perfectionist than I am. Working with LP is an order of magnitude worse (but in a good way, I think ....) At one point he didn't want to accept something which was less than one-eighth of an inch out ... over an eight foot length.

There was also digging:

Whilst I cleared all the timber which had been dumped stored at the end of the house and moved it to behind the shed.

It's all getting quite exciting because I can see a point where all that has to happen in the Cottage Garden is planting.

Good job I have a nursery area full of plants waiting to go in the ground. ( I was tempted to say "planting waiting to go in their permanent homes" but that is asking for trouble and guarantees a day in the future when I play Musical Plants.)


  1. Finally a public admission that you too play the great musical game. I'm so glad you have joined the group! Keep up the good work.

  2. Cb - you have no idea, my dear, absolutely no idea! I might tell you on the phone .......

  3. Oh, to have such lovely help as LP!! Can you clone him and send him across the pond????

  4. Looking good. I bet you can hardly wait to start putting things in the ground now.

  5. FFG - cloning him is a good idea, just think how much we'd get done with two of him :}

    Sue - very keen to do major planting!


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