Thursday, 28 July 2011

Building and Painting (but no Pond)

It's been a busy couple of days in the Cottage Garden. On Tuesday morning it looked like this:

More rudimentary carpentry - installation of gravel boards at the bottom of the trellis fence.

A long-awaited delivery should have been painted before assembly but LP arrived so all I did was paint the roof bearers and cross beams, then there was building:

LP's perfectionism was put to good use and although it took twice as long assemble the arbour as it probably should we've now got a gorgeous seat which is straight, level and very securely bolted to the frame on the ground. If we get wind strong enough to blow this down then I'll be more worried about the house, greenhouse and shed ☹

When LP left on Tuesday he joked "this will be painted before I get back tomorrow" and my retort was "probably, it's light until 10.00pm". Trouble is, I HAD to get it painted before Wednesday so that he could dig the soil around the arbour base - I finished at 9.50pm which was bloody stupid but satisfying.

Wednesday contained more perfectionism and general messing around which takes ten times longer than you expect it to. Digging, the relocation of some huge ferns which had self-seeded at the back of the house, big tree stumps, plus the usual black membrane, bark chips.

It's no bad thing that we have some much needed rain this morning (Thursday) so I won't be finishing the digging and planting. Spent a wet, messy but very pleasant hour in the nursery area sorting out all the plants which are waiting to go into the Cottage Garden. Mostly perennials, I will add more shrubs as I find them. Some purchased, about half grown from seed they are all desperate to be out of pots and in the ground; it has been very hard to keep them well watered over the last week or so and a few have suffered.

Unsurprisingly, there has not been time to excavate a small pond but there has been time to appreciate some of the plants in the Lasagne bed.

Lobelia Fan Rose

Rosa Winchester Cathedral


  1. It's looking really good. You should always have somewhere to sit and think in a garden!

    I'd love some of your rain. After a few downpours earlier in the month we are back in drought mode again here.

  2. Another giant leap ahead! Well done, Hobbit, LP & Pattersons (at a guess).

    Tell me again (the ol' pea brain not doing too much tonight) - what have you planned for behind the seating area by the tree stumps? It's quite a deep area - I'm guessing at a perenial backdrop to the pergola?

    And you've not said what the 'here's a demo' plant is in the - er (*counts) - sixth pic - I'd guess at a clematis, but the leaf shape is a wisteria? You know I'm no good at non-edibles - give me a clue!

    Lovely to see you appreciating your hard work too. :)

  3. VH - hope your veggies are doing better than mine, we haven't had that much rain this summer, courgettes, beans & peas are absolute rubbish.

    Hazel - not much gets past you, does it? {grin}. So much progress here at present that I keep wondering if I'll wake up and find it was all a dream and I still have builders' bags of muck everywhere.

    The area behind the arbour is as huge as it looks, James has christened it The Stumpery but Highgrove it ain't ☺ Plans are native perennials and some scented shrubs (Skimmia, Sarcococca).

    The 'let's put a pot here' demo is a jasmine.

  4. It's already looking great! But when will you ever get the time to sit there - you never seem to sit still!

  5. You're right Sue, I'm not very good at the "sitting down" bit.


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