Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Too tired for prose and proper words. Hey ho, this is meant to be my diary so all it needs is:

Bark and membrane outside sitting room (heather bed). I know I wanted heathers here but they can come later - right now I need to be tidy and not have tarpaulin and builders' bags and goodness knows what detritus everywhere I turn.

When I can find the right sized bit of log I'll replace the stones. Need a new ground spike for the clothes dryer.

Potager and Cottage Garden grass cutting, tidying up, move larch slab from outside garden door.

I've been putting off cutting the grass, the clover and self-heal are in flower and covered in bees. The compromise was to cut around the edges and leave a big flowering patch in the middle.

Note to self - order more chain to secure obelisk and straighten the lean on the far one.

The courgettes have finally made it into the soil, next to the very poorly performing sweet peas.

The rhubarb did not survive my need to tidy up. Half of it has been re-homed with a neighbour, the other half has moved to the long side bed in the Potager.

Must excavate this garlic which has been in the ground for 18 months - I managed to "miss" it last year when I harvested the rest, I wonder if it will be edible? Of far more concern is the fact that I did not see a single worm in this bed when I was digging up the rhubarb.


  1. Our sweet peas are slow to get going too and the garlic is pathetic!

  2. Sorry to hear you've got the same problems Sue.

  3. I won't show you my garlic then, girls! (*smug grin)

    Your garlic will be very edible! You'll want to dig it up any time now (they won't grow anymore as we are past the longest day) and hang them in the shed to dry (and ward off vampires).

    The only problem that I can envisage is that you may have some difficulty in extricating the roots to separate the bulbs (and the bulbs may not be as big as if you'd planted individual cloves rather that bulbs).

    Actually, are they Hill garlic? If so, they are very robust and will be fabulous, I guarantee it!

    The courgettes are looking healthy - mine have only just started stretching their roots after a month huddled up after planting out.

  4. Dear Mr Smug, yes, this is the 'left behind' Hill garlic and was dug up yesterday because I wanted to sort the bed out.

    Will blog later but sadly, it was a bit disappointing. Smells fabulous but there is more stalk/top growth than bulb growth ☹☹

  5. PS: originally this was just one clove but it got hidden under the rhubarb and forgotten


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