Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Technically, it's still gardening

Weather-wise, Solstice was a washout, and the clouds at 4.30am meant there was no chance of a Midsummer sunrise.

Busy morning seeing roofing contractors, neighbours, joiners and making phone calls whilst it rained. A gap in the clouds this afternoon meant I could nip next door and get a selection of plants into the ground. It's not perfect, it isn't how I would do it in an ideal world but this is a huge improvement over what was there before and hopefully our neighbour will be pleased when he sees it. Still room for more plants and if Mr Next Door will cough up for them, I'll put bark chips across the top.

Wasp update: Sadly, last night I moved the nest; during the day it was becoming difficult to walk past the shed and the wasp numbers were increasing rapidly. I found a sheltered spot at the back of a log store where we never go, got togged up with gloves, goggles, balaclava and the like and went outside at 11.00pm when I figured the nest would be asleep. An old fish slice quickly removed the nest from the wooden shed roof, into a pot, lid on quick and move to the log store.

When I took the lid off the tub the wasps were DECIDEDLY UNIMPRESSED so I ran like hell and didn't remove any of the train-robberesque protective garb until I was back inside the house. I had a look this morning (from a distance) and am fairly sure they've abandoned the nest. A few stubborn ones were back in the shed and if they try and rebuild I'll have to get some noxious chemical to put on the wood to dissuade them. Not my finest hour.

I know it is hard to see, but the nest is in the plastic tub.


  1. That fence line is looking great and I'm sure that your neighbour is delighted - do you want to come and live next door to me? {gg}

    I would think that if you talk nicely to your friendly tree contractor, you would be able to get a trailerful of chippings for free? Or would you be worried about introducing something nasty to the soil?

    And I think that you can hold your head high - at least you have given your wasps nest a second chance, which is more than I did.

  2. Cheers Hazel, if I get another load of free chippings I will be happy to share them. As for the wasps, there is still the large nest in the soil at the end of the hawthorn hedge - that won't be touched.

  3. Inspirational. I can but hope that my garden may one day be as good as yours.

  4. I have a wasp nest in one of the borders at the moment. I tend to just leave them. Difficult when they are in the shed.........

    Just wanted to say thank you for my heritage peas. They are really doing well and I am really looking forward to eating them.
    I passed some of the seeds to a friend who has an allotment. He is actually picking.....

  5. Thank you Useless, you wouldn't say that if you saw it!

    Cheryl, glad the peas are doing well - mine are a complete disaster and barely alive. It has been so cold during May and June that they stand no chance. If either you or your friend save some seed, please think of me. I don't expect to get anything off my plants this year.

  6. "Thank you Useless, you wouldn't say that if you saw it!"

    Oh yes he/she would! Accept the compliment, Hobbit - and if for some mad reason you don't think that your garden adventure is inspirational (which the rest of us do - in spades), then you should be made to sit down for an hour and go through your own photos of the last couple of years to appreciate your progress!

  7. You're right Hazel, and I did look back at some photos last night.


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