Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Scratching head?

If I can make this much progress, this fast, with only one extra pair of hands for assistance - why the heck haven't I done so sooner? (Don't answer that question, it is purely rhetorical!)

LP did a great job securing larch slab to the front of the laurel. It wasn't until we started working here that I realised how much the ground slopes in this part of the garden so a mini terrace was called for. It will also give me an edge to mow to as in the short-term the easiest thing to do with the ground in front will be to grass it over.

He also moved 8 barrows of well rotted cow muck up from the big pile which was destined for the hawthorn hedge. It turned out there was far more stacked than I realised so happily two hedges will have benefited from the pile. It's now been left to settle for a few days and then I can plant some of the smaller Portugeuse laurel in the gaps.

I mowed grass paths and generally tried to tidy up a bit.

After lunch we moved to the Cottage Garden. I've reached my breaking point with piles of "stuff" all around this area so we've decided to tackle this before the next hedge section at the back.

Management and I have cogitated and procrastinated for weeks about a seat in the far corner of this area; finally we bit the bullet and have ordered an arbour which will need to be fixed onto a flat area.

LP and I set out a couple of battens to be the back edges. We have left a "bed" about 8 feeet wide behind it and this was roughly dug over. Then three bags of soil saved when the nursery area was levelled were emptied onto it, followed by provisional positioning of some tree stumps. Around the stumps I plan to grow ferns, ivy, comfrey and other wild plants that will enjoy a slightly shady spot. The plans for around the arbour are, not surprisingly, based on scented climbers.

During the day the trellis sides of the arbour should give us some shade and it's a good place to sit and look at all of the Cottage Garden, in the evening this is the very last corner of the garden to get the sun before it sinks behind the house.

After LP had finished, Keith came by for an hour. He moved all the concrete blocks for me - they are stored next to the shed as they're destined to become cold frames in this area.

Next he leveled off the soil behind the shed where he removed stumps recently and the pallets give me a fairly flat storage area which is off the ground. Before I start using it in earnest I will move the pallets and put black membrane underneath them.

I managed to empty the white bag of bark chips when I did the clothes dryer area so it just remains for me to move the stones in this final white bag, I have a home for most of them, and then the Cottage Garden is free of rubbish.


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