Sunday, 19 June 2011

Open Gardens - Papcastle

Garden visiting today, seven private gardens open in a nearby village. A wonderful opportunity to peep behind normally closed gates and high walls into some very secluded spaces and thankfully, the rain held off for most of the afternoon.

This walled garden is completely hidden from the road and is kept immaculate by the very elderly Aunt & Uncle of friends, I hope I'm still gardening as much as they are when I'm that age.

West Worth, described as a relaxed family garden:

Hawthorns, absolutely gorgeous and one I was able to return to subsequently.  The photos don't do it justice:

Coach House:
Once part of The Burroughs (Papcastle's "big house") this very stylish garden has half of the original Orangery, the other half can be seen next door in the second photo.

Cedar Lodge:
A surprisingly big garden, long and thin, the woodland walk takes you down almost to the river. Once part of The Burroughs' land, this garden contains the remains of a Victorian folly plus the section guaranteed to make me reach for tissues - the dog cemetery. Some of the headstones are over 100 years old and the current owner has continued the tradition by choosing this as the resting place for a two of her own four-legged friends. 

The Cottage:
Another tiny gem hidden behind high walls, I have driven past this hundreds of times but there is no indication of what lies behind the gates.

The final garden was probably the biggest, and managed single-handed by the 78 year-old Mum of friends. Probably far more gossiping in this garden than plant viewing but that was generally the trend of the afternoon.

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