Monday, 20 June 2011

Not content with planting the laurel once

A friend of ours is very fond of telling me that if I get it wrong I can dig up a plant and move it; this will probably make her laugh but I would prefer sympathy.

We have convinced ourselves the first set of laurel are 'Otto Luyken' and which sadly is not going to get big enough for the back hedge. After 2 hours digging next door, LP moved to the odd shaped bed outside the sitting room. The clothes dryer and heathers are destined for this area and an evergreen hedge will set it all off nicely. Although it can't be seen properly, LP and I fixed up some of the new large slab at the bottom of the posts to stop soil falling through (this is the top of the stupidly steep slope I used to push the wheelbarrow up) and have been able to build up the soil level so there is no longer an ankle turning drop near the gate.

As soon as the soil has settled a bit I'll dig up the newly planted laurel and relocate them. The jury is out as to whether I will fit all five in this space.

Whilst LP was digging, I moved nearly 50 buckets of cow muck onto the hawthorn bed ...


  1. Not laughing - I promise. Maybe just a slight smirk though! It is a shame you have ended up with the wrong plants, but often unplanned things like that turn out to be one of the things you are most pleased with. I'm sure you'll get them all in - it will just make it into a hedge quicker than if you spaced them properly.

  2. Thank you CB {smirk to you too!}

    You are right about unplanned things, these plants are quite lovely and I am looking forward to having them just outside the sitting room window.


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