Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hedge Day

Hedge day began with compost shifting - there is , as always, a reason for my madness. If I leave the compost "until later in the day" as I usually do then I will either run out of time or be too tired and it won't get done - again.

Very satisfying to have a full bin of home-made goodness waiting to be added to the soil. Sensible people might think that moving more than a cubic metre of compost was enough for one day, but Hobbit is not always sensible people and I was on a roll ... With the promise of good weather in the coming week I need to get on with hedge planting. It will do the big laurels no good at all to be languishing in pots in a heatwave and if the sun shines I might get more "LP hours" and I could do with catching up on my own jobs in order to try and be one step ahead of where he needs to work.

Spacing out the tubs:

Even I'll admit that I overdid it finally finishing at 9.25pm when I was to tired to see straight, let alone plant anything else. However, it was worth getting so knackered because I dug over the remainder of the bed, filled it with soil, propped up larch slab as edging (leaving it to be fixed properly when I was less tired) and managed to get three out of five safely in the soil and watered in.

The least said the better about a huge bruise on the heel of my hand caused, probably, by poor technique whilst digging.


  1. That's a lovely bin of compost you have there - how long has it taken to get to that stage, do you estimate, and how many turnings?

  2. Hard to say with this bin Hazel, but, most of the bin which hit over 40 degrees ("Strange goings on in the Shire - 26 April) is nearly ready.

    This was the "Monty influenced" bin where I chopped everything up fairly small and mixed it really well. Probably 30 - 50% grass clippings which generated the heat. I think the thorough mixing stopped them going slimy. Two months? Can't complain .... (actually grinning madly!)


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