Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Greenhouse makeover

Why does so much of my gardening seem to involve rudimentary carpentry? Potted up the aubergine and most of the tomato plants into their large final pots and decided to take down the staging on one side of the greenhouse to give more full-height space. Whilst I realise that 14 tomato plants indoors plus a few experiments out in the nursery area is excessive for two people, last year I made huge quantities of passata which went in the freezer. We finished the last half pint in March and it has been wonderful. When added to ratatouille or bolognaise I could really taste the difference.

This year all the tomatoes are Heritage varieties, this is Imur Prior Beta, a fascinating variety originally from Chile and bred on in Norway. Adapted to cold climates it should do well in Cumbria. It has true potato leaves, rather than the cut edge tomato leaves that people are used to.

This is Pop In

Carlton, Broad Ripple Yellow Currant and two more cucumber waiting for their large pots.

Got half way through a fairly robust A-frame to replace the staging and realised it was 7.45pm - no wonder my tummy was rumbling.

After supper there followed Gardening in the Bathroom, not a new Olympic sport but the endless job of washing flowerpots.

The tedium was relieved by a long-overdue chat with Sarum who accepted the strange background sound effects as part and parcel of having known a Hobbit for 43 years!


  1. I must say that that looks like a proper garden. Unfortunately we no longer use our greenhouse as we have replaced the glass several times and it has been blown out again. Also we seem to have our annual holiday at about the time when the young tomato plants need TLC,

  2. How exciting. I'm a big fan of heritage tomatoes as well. I look forward to seeing how yours grow.

  3. Your toms look in great condition. I have a potato-leaf heritage variety this year - bloody butcher.

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    Sue - don't feel very handy right now, just kn*ckered from trying to do too much before the weather changes!
    Flummery - the Imur Prior Beta are actually doing better in the plastic shelter outside than in the greenhouse - perhaps it is too hot for them under the glass?
    Matron - I seem to remember you're growing IPB this year as well?
    Pat - did you consider reglazing with polycarbonate sheets? I know, easy for me to say, harder to actually do it.


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