Sunday, 12 June 2011

Gardening under cover

For once, rain did not stop play. The first of what will (probably) be many reorganisations of the Nursery area; didn't manage to finish completely because it started raining hard before I could cut a couple of long bits of wood to make extra staging but am pleased with how things are arranged and have definitely made better use of the space.

The bread baskets are full of dormant snowdrops and winter aconite and this is where I'm keeping the pots of Eranthis and primrose seed in the hope it will germinate next Spring.

Sue from Green Lane kindly and very carefully sent me some very fresh and ripe primrose seed from her allotment and I've sown 12 pots, fingers definitely crossed on this one. She was so generous that I only used two-thirds of the seed pods she sent me so I've sprinkled the rest underneath one of the IBC tanks - it is moist, sheltered but does get sun and fresh air ..... who knows? If they do germinate I'm going to get in a right mess if I try to dig up small plants to transplant them!

Spent the rest of the day in the greenhouse getting on with much overdue potting on - foxgloves, poppies, comfrey, globe artichoke, plus moving tomato plants into larger pots.

Nothing is in its final (large) pot yet - it feels as if the plants are much later than last year, I don't expect it to consistently be this cold in June, must look at the blog for last year and see. A very satisfying albeit tiring day.


  1. Now, come on, you can't get that one past me - you've made it up, haven't you:

    '...much overdue potting on - foxgloves, palaver, comfrey, globe artichoke, plus moving....'

    I want a pic of palaver plant on your next blog entry!

  2. SNORTLE!!!! Dratted child, but at least it proves you are reading carefully and paying attention.


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