Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another long day

People kept turning up unexpectedly today. I'm not complaining but my plan for a gentle day pottering in the greenhouse was shot to flames at 8.00am when a grinning LP appeared in the garden. I asked if I'd missed a phone call or if my short-term memory was getting worse? It appeared not and that he had woken early, seen the weather forecast was good and decided to come and play at Bag End. Something about this garden seems to get under people's skin - our friend James is the same (although unfortunately he is 300 miles away).

Another digging day but sadly he had to leave before the final 2 metres was double-dug and the soil replaced. Guessing the distance between the third laurel and where he stopped, 4 metres of bed was double-dug today to a depth of at least 18 inches. Might not look much but by the time you've removed wayward tree roots it's a heck of a lot of work.

Whilst LP shifted quantities of soil, I made a start on clearing weeds from the other side of the gate in readiness for creating a hedge opposite the kitchen window.

Once LP had gone I cleared up tools and rubbish (question: how much can be squeezed into our green bins plus my neighbour's bin before they are collected tomorrow?), finished the greenhouse "A frame" and potted up six more tomato and two cucumber. I would have liked to do some work in the nursery but ran out of time.

Mid-afternoon Wayne turned up. I have been very quiet about the laundry room and new sewing room since they were painted because (a) the carpenter has disappeared off the face of the earth and we still have no skirting boards and (b) a couple of cracks appeared which could not be ignored. Today Wayne was on remedial duties, of course this means he makes even more mess before it gets better.

Just as I was waving him off and hoping to get inside for a wash and some food another roofing contractor turned up to give us a quote.


  1. The worst thing about having all that work done last year by far for this night owl was all those bloody workman and/or deliveries rolling up any time after 7.30am.

    Although I'm glad it wasn't a senior moment creeping up on you, and you acheived plenty between you again.

  2. I remember you groaning about that ☺ What it is with these people, don't they sleep? Have they too much caffeine?

  3. I feel exhausted just reading all this! (And then she says she hasn't achieved much!) Lovely to see a seat appearing too ,,, just remember to sit down on it sometimes! My plans for a rose scented seating area have been slightly scuppered by two roses claiming to be scented on their labels but not! If they are fragrant I'm a 6ft bloke!

  4. Jill, how irritating. At Larch Cottage last week I found three roses labelled 'William Shakespeare' - a deep, blood red crimson. Sounds great, but all three were in flower and were pure white.


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