Friday, 27 May 2011

More digging

It is quite remarkable just how much ground LP can get through in one day. On Friday the first part of the plan was to dig a strip, roughly one spit wide, along the trellis fence. Nothing fancy, no double digging, just remove the largest stones and loosen the ground enough that I can use the trellis to support peas and beans.

Accomplished with ease, LP then got "a bit carried away" and made a start on the area in front of it. His excuse was "just turn it over quickly before I stop for lunch". I'm not complaining - I'll take every little bit of progress I can get in this garden!

After lunch was much harder and slower going. We made a start on the area outside the kitchen where the new laurels are going to form the start of our evergreen hedge.

Between the two silver birches this cotoneaster stump had to come out - that took most of the afternoon.

The cotoneaster stump on the right is going to be chainsawed out in an attempt to save the holly - which may, or may not, turn out to be an error of judgement but it wouldn't be the first in this garden and I am sure it will not be the last.


  1. Well done LP! I think I might start calling you Stumpy if you find any more to dig up. When are we going to get the pictures of all that planting I KNOW you've been doing?

  2. Can I borrow LP!

    Stumps are a pain! I'm deliberating about removing a Cornus Spaethii and replacing it with some lovely tall yet flimsy grass. Can see it in my mind's eye, just don't know what grass to go for as I don't want a big solid unsightly clump!

  3. CB - I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...... weather threatens to be lovely & sunny tomorrow so I will take some pictures and try to get the blog up to date.

    Jill, no you cannot borrow LP, so there! Carol Klein is a great fan of Miscanthus Sinensis and they use it in the Long Borders at Harlow Carr. During our winter visit it was still standing well and looked good in the frost. (PS, why do you want to remove the Cornus?)


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