Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Long Day

I needed to get a few things straight before LP arrived so my gardening day started before 8.00am. I mowed grass in the area he was going to work and that meant I had a pile of grass clippings ... which meant I couldn't prevaricate any longer about finishing the latest compost bin.

Am delighted with this addition to the Bag End compost factory. I can now put new waste in the left-hand bin and as it breaks down keep turning it into the right-hand bin and so on until the contents of the 4th bin (far right but not in this picture) should be completely rotted and ready to use. Emptied most of the "current" bin into the newest bin as well.

Long story sideways: Management away and LP left mid-afternoon so there was no-one to tell me to go in and be sensible. By the time I collapsed indoors at 9.30pm as well as making the compost bin I had mown more of the grass including trimming all the edges in the Potager (pain in the *** of a job but it does look lovely), tidied the nursery, weeded all the Potager beds, chopped up all the remaining Maple rubbish AND BURNT IT. In my defense I didn't spend all day outside, did a few jobs indoors and sorted out a couple of things on the computer.

edges before and after:

Long day, late shower, didn't sleep well but very happy ... can actually see a difference.


  1. Looking good Bilbo! I am frustratingly without compost bins at the moment but have a massive 'pile' waiting for the new ones to be built!

  2. Dear girl, how on EARTH can you manage without compost bins. Fingers crossed that project gets tackled soon for you.

  3. How can you not sleep well after all that exercise!?

    Turning the compost bins is one of my least favourite and physically hardest jobs - I would think that your challenge is not to overwhelm the bins with grass cuttings - but then I guess that you have paper sheddings and woody stuff a-plenty to add.

    If I'm right, and those two potager beds are full of flowering strawberries, are you planning on opening the gates to PYO strawberry punters? {gg}

  4. Hazel, the strawberries do look good, don't they? Left-hand bed were runners last year from Flummery, right-hand bed went in this year - runners from the first lot.

    Yes, glass clippings are being mixed with lots of "brown"

    I didn't sleep 'cos I had worked so hard I hurt all over and couldn't be bothered to get up and take ibuprofen or anything (I know, how silly is that?)


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