Thursday, 21 April 2011

Will chainsaw for beer vouchers

Amazing what you can do with a 20" chainsaw bar. Or rather, amazing what Wayne's cousin John can do:

No gloves, no helmet, no ear protectors ... shaking head, it seems to be a "Cumbrian thing".

17 large discs ( a couple of which are about 3 foot across) plus the green trolley absolutely full. That's a lot of timber, more than we expected.

The huge stump on the right is 3 foot across at the cut end, about 30 years worth of rings.

And whilst he was here, the 'last log' got sliced up leaving a six foot section to be placed near the pond.

Yes it's a mess, but it says something for how far we have come that I now consider that a "manageable mess"


  1. What a difference it makes though. There must be so much more light to the garden now.

  2. There certainly is more light Flum, and with that comes zillions more weeds :{

  3. Weren't those stumps "free to a good home", given you didn't want to kill the Husky trying to get that last bit of wood out? If so then I'll gladly take them off your hands — nice of John to cut them up for me as well {chortle}

    At least that means you can do something with that area now!

  4. James, you are welcome to try and take as much of the stumps as you can get in the car next weekend {snortle}

    The nicely cut discs are headed for our large log pile!

  5. Progress each and every day, what will you do with yourselves once you've run out of trees to chainsaw? LOL!

  6. what will you do with yourselves once you've run out of trees to chainsaw

    Hmm, let me think about that . . . for about a nanosecond. How about: sit and enjoy the view, go fell walking, make quilts, plant things and watch them grow, relax?

  7. A good, satisfying day's work. Definitely earned his beer vouchers!

  8. Cheers Matron, worrying thing is it wasn't a day's work - this took him about 2 hours! Would have taken me a week.


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