Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spring flowers

The Hay Racks hanging on the balcony are full of flowers, so pretty and a lovely delicate scent.

Ladies' Smock or Cardamene praetense has started to flower and the Magnolia stellata won't be long.

The heathers we inherited with the garden are in full bloom and alive with bumblebees and butterflies.

Painted Lady Cynthia cardui

Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae

Just for Hazel, this is why you never see a picture of the whole bulb bed at the front. I was almost standing in a hawthorn hedge to take this and you still can't see all of it!

This isn't much better:

Some spring flowers are a little less welcome.


  1. Sorry for the delay in comments. We've been busy too so I've only just got round to having a quick catchup! Pleased to see you're making progress. Soon be time to get visiting those garden centres so you can finally get round to planting something! Don't forget to come and see us on your travels.

  2. Lovely flower pics (& nails {gg}) - especially the daffs, of course!

    My dear old dad used to love heathers - I'm not a huge fan, but you can't fault a genus which flowers from now, all the way through to late Summer.

    I've been pulling up dandelions at the Hill (a never ending job), and I noticed this evening that the forget-me-nots are flowering. They are lovely, but spread like there's no tomorrow!

  3. S'OK, CB, I'm late in replying! Don't worry, you are definitely "on route" when I come shopping.

    Hazel, daffs nearly over here, by Easter I think there will be none left. Forget-me-nots flowering here too.

    I think your dad had something - I did not used to like heathers but I must show you a photograph of the whole bed full of them - no weeding and the bumblebees & butterflies love it.


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