Friday, 8 April 2011

The Sherpa

No gardening this week due to a combination of re-building the spare room, electrician and plumbers finishing their work inside and total exhaustion. By Friday, however, I had to get outside, gardening withdrawal symptoms and all that. The usual faffing around for most of the morning, heavens knows what I do with the first three hours of each day. It took a surprisingly small amount of time to fix batten to the house wall inside the two huge planters that were built last year. 25-year butyl liner left over from the pond in Hampshire firmly fixed with batten and exterior silicon should ensure no moisture gets through the wall, and for good measure I added another thick layer of polythene behind the butyl.

And then it was time for soil . . . took a while to come up with a way of working that suited me - in the end I found that filling a bucket from the bulk bag and taking that to the rotating drum was the best way of extracting all the worms (into a little pot of compost for safe-keeping!) and not having to bend too often.

I've spent more than 12 months convincing myself that I could not justify this large and indulgent bit of equipment but I am so glad we took the plunge and bought it - The Sherpa will pay for itself in a month in what we'll save on chiropractor fees. Never has soil been sifted so effortlessly or efficiently to produce such a fine tilth.

Worked on a mix of approximately four parts soil from the big bulk bag to one part compost from the 2009 bin. Hopefully a Clematis Montana and a Honeysuckle will be happy with this as their long-term home.

When Management came home from work he found a very happy Hobbit who did not want to come in for tea!


  1. I'm sure you do more with "the first three hours of each day" than most of us do with a whole day!

  2. Roddie - flattery will get you ..... onto the Christmas Card list!

    Seriously, it will probably get you both a cuppa when you're next in the Lakes on holiday if you'd like?

  3. Surely I can't be the only one thinking that a video clip of the Sherpa in action is missing from this post...?

  4. /[smack switch] = ON!

    Chortling quietly - if I could be ***ed to get out the video camera, set up a tripod, bla bla bla, then there would be video of The Sherpa - already thought of it, way ahead of you {snigger}


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