Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Gardening

Friday: Moved all the timber discs which John cut yesterday and realised this was a good opportunity to try to tidy up the ground before (different) John starts moving soil around. Might not look much to anyone else but Management and I know how much muck was cleared up and it does look a little less like a battlefield. Saved all the nice dry sawdust as it will be a useful addition to mix into the grass clippings compost bin.

Rain stopped play outdoors on Saturday but that meant we made good progress in straightening out some of the furniture. The sewing room is taking shape nicely, although what can't be seen behind closed doors is all the fabric either in completely the wrong place or still in storage boxes.

Easter Sunday was going to be a full gardening day but our friend and excellent weather had other ideas and we spent most of it sailing on Derwentwater. Even so, I fitted in a couple of hours before we went out.

Finally emptied last year's grass clippings bin. Grass-boarding definitely works and parts of it were a lovely black compost but in places I think I made the layers too thick. Will try mixing it up more this year. In another (typical) Bag End change of plans, have now divided this bin into two, where would I be without pallets? The grass clippings were getting too wet and the leaves in plastic daleks were too dry so things are having a move around.

After sailing I filled a raised bed with garlic planted far closer than tradition suggests but I reckon they'll survive. Planted out a second strawberry bed with runners potted up earlier in the year. They've put on loads of growth and the roots were doing a good job of filling the bottom of 15cm pots.

The original strawberry bed, planted only a year ago with runners from Flummery, is looking wonderful. I've been able to pass this on by giving 8 spare plants to a neighbour, which is a fair exchange for the brace of pheasant he brought us earlier in the year.

In the far background is the remarkably floriforous rhubarb and in the bed behind the strawberries, an unexpected 'gift' from Hazel. Last year I planted some calendula in this bed and I didn't realise they had self-seeded. When they are a little bigger I will move them to other places.


  1. Calendula are marvellous for self seeding. You can never have too many, I think!

  2. What lovely garden beds!!! And I'm so jealous of that huge sewing room. You are making great progress on the yard, my girl.

  3. VH - Hazel's seeds produced such a pretty calendula last year. I have some seed left - shall I send you some?

    FFG, thanks for the lovely comments. You ain't seen nothin' yet {grin}, we've been busy the last couple of days, must take some photos to show you.

  4. I can't see why garlic needs much space to grow really - just enough room to create a bulb and a bit of space around it!

  5. GLA - glad it's not just me wondering why garlic needs to be 18" apart.


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