Sunday, 27 March 2011

What sort of day off do you call this?

Whooo hoo - extra hour of daylight! It's obviously gone to our heads because Sunday did not turn out as expected. After the boys left yesterday afternoon Management helped me clear up as much as possible and we had one of those domesticated "tomorrow if we move that bookcase into there, and that chair into there, then ...... bla bla bla" conversations and I thought we'd agreed to spend the day inside straightening up the house a bit and not working too hard.

Silly me - Management came into the kitchen at breakfast time and said "shall we get the chainsaw out and see if we can do anything with those large stumps". Well, why not? Some time later . . . we had removed two huge "discs" from the most accessible stump, had a conversation about the Law of Diminishing Returns and stopped. Yes, with a lot of effort and considerable strain on the Husqvarna engine we could get a couple of weeks worth of fuel from this pile but we're not going to. It pains both of us that instead we will end up paying John to take the ruddy things away but they are too big and too heavy. They are up for grabs if anyone else wants to do the work between now and whenever John arrives ...

Instead we moved onto the big log pile nearest the kitchen window. We're keen for this to go ASAP because the sycamore above has to come down before it falls down and we want to dig a medium sized pond in this area.

Although the view from the house didn't look much different at the end of the day, moving around to the other side told a different story.

Two huge trolley loads already stacked for next winter, one more to be unloaded and a similar sized pile on the floor - we were too tired to pick it up!

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  1. crikey do you two never stop?
    worth all the hard work though, looking fab


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