Thursday, 31 March 2011

Turned out nice again

There are some very noticeable weather patterns in our little corner of paradise and one is that it can be unutterably foul first thing but bright and sunny by mid afternoon. Today was one of those days - horizontal rain and driving wind all morning, and around 3.00 the sun came out, the wind dropped and it was glorious for a couple of hours.

Took the opportunity to potter in the greenhouse and sow some seeds, it's a Flower day.

I am trying to keep away from annuals: lots of work and then you have to do it all again next year. However, I cannot ignore sweet peas. It will be interesting to see if mine look anything like the pictures on Sarah Raven's website.

Lathyrrus odoratus - it was hard to select just three varieties but I'm trying to be sensible about how much I grow.


Mrs Collier

Painted Lady

Have also planted two trays of her Blue Borage - would anyone like the rest of the packet, there are LOADS of seeds left?

Filled up some spare pots with an old packet of Mr Fothergill's "Sweet Pea Tall Mixed" which could be anything ... and could not resist a few pots of Ollie's Sunflowers.

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  1. you know me, always happy to relieve you of surplus seed! (would only need a few - they spread like weeds don't they? I do love borage though)
    I sowed your Granny's bonnet and Nigella seeds last Sunday. I've dug out a bed at the allotment just for flowers and also added in California poppies and some scented varieties. Hopefully they won't get choked by the weeds!


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