Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Progress - outside

Whilst the boys wreaked havoc inside and Management tried to concentrate on working, the best place for me was outside, out of the way. Gorgeous weather - complete contrast to the downpour of yesterday. After many hours of endless splish, splash, splosh, all the trellis panels are well coated in creosote. This is the only time they are ever likely to be done - once I have climbers all over them, any form of wood preservative will be impossible to apply. Totally cream-crackered by the end of it but very happy to have this particular job completed.

Keith, although he already works two jobs, loves digging and has committed to come and help me break up a lot of the soil and make progress on creating beds in the Cottage Garden - once he's found time to come back and help finish the nursery area.

The day ended with construction from Management - a couple of weeks ago we purchased a huge "toy" for the garden (ie: me) and it was delivered today. Immediately known as The Sherpa, this lovely beast was an indulgence but one that I suspect will pay for itself over and over in the amount of muscle and spine it saves! The Sherpa had to be assembled and I practiced getting it in and out of the shed on my own. Suspect I will be too tired tomorrow to use it although that might not stop me ...

We've also disassembled Compostus Binus Magnificentus. The larch slab will be reused, mostly as gravel board under the new trellis and we finally have a firm idea of what we're doing with the Coppice area and it doesn't include a 40 square foot compost bin!


  1. And The Sherpa is…?

    I can deduce that the drum rotates - is it some sort of industrial soil grader?

  2. James - "The Sherpa" is ... much easier to pronounce than The Scheppach. Go on, Google it ... won't take you long!

    It was an interesting exercise in shopping - checked all the online suppliers, got a good price, phoned the lawnmower dealership in Carlisle just on the off-chance and got a better price, free delivery and know I can count on great after-sales service if necessary.

  3. And THE Scheppach is...? ;-)

    Google leads to circular sawbenches, sanding machines, wet-grinding system, dust extractor units; bonding presses... and lots of other things I don't understand.

  4. Sorry Roddie - try adding RS400 to your search

    Didn't mean to counfesel you - just couldn't resist the opportunity to be mean to James ..... who will, undoubtedly, get his own back!

  5. Well I did Google and it sort of confirmed what I first thought - not quite grader, but a mechanical sieve, so I think I was close enough.

  6. You were near enough spot on with sort of industrial soil grader but you should know perfectly well I couldn't resist the opportunity to send you on a search {snortle}.

  7. OK well I came to ask what the Sherpa is, but now I'm not going to.

  8. Likewise! Sieving soil is backbreaking work, so that looks like a great addition to the garden tool kit. I didn't even know they made them :o)

  9. Sorry Sue :}

    Ali, it's an indulgence but with a garden this size, and huge quantities of weed root to be got rid of, I think it will earn it's keep. Sadly, weather and other tasks mean I haven't even switched it on yet :{


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