Friday, 4 March 2011

Pinch me

Pinch me because it might be the only way I believe just how fast things have progressed this week (it might also be the only way I stay awake).

Monday: Glen arrived unexpectedly to find out what electrical work we needed. Walked around, agreed a plan at which point I asked "when do you reckon you could do this". The last answer I expected was "I'll start now lass, if that's alright".

So that was Monday and Tuesday completely taken up with new lighting and extractor fan in the bathroom, plus first fix on electrics for the soon-to-be laundry room and relocated sewing room.

Wednesday: Wayne, a couple of tubs of adhesive and numerous boxes of tiles.

Thursday: Wayne and Keith, grouting, plus a lengthy visit from the manager of Steve's Tiles from whom all our ceramics have been purchased.

There's a bit of an issue in the small bathroom ... when the bottom row of tiles went in they were definitely the same white as the rest of the wall. No-one has a clue what's happened, but Tim has supplied a box of these tiles from every batch they have and will cover all Wayne's costs to remove and replace. The offending tiles will then find themselves sent back to Spain for testing. Can't ask for fairer than that - one of the many benefits of using a local company, and contractors & suppliers who know each other.

And then, bliss - no workers asking me questions or needing another brew. There was plenty I could have done inside but I had to escape into the garden for a couple of hours, been getting withdrawal symptoms.

Friday: Back to "normal" - Andrew and Mark to fit the huge shower screen and radiator. They have also removed four radiators which are in the way of the next part of The Plan.

We are getting so much done in the house at present it's wonderful - bathroom is complete except for painting walls and new flooring - 2 weeks from start to finish and I reckon that's amazing. Add to that the previous week of trellis/fencing lark, and I have had contractors here every day for 3 weeks and I am past brain-dead. Suspect next week will continue in same vein because Wayne & Keith seem keen to crack on with knocking out a new doorway and blocking up others .... To facilitate all this the house looks like a bomb site and before the end of the weekend I have to empty and remove one of the big cupboards in my sewing room which is blocking an archway. If I don't we will have no access into the sitting room!


  1. Bomb site right now, a wonderful place to spend the rest of your lives together soon enough.

    You don't make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

  2. You're going to keep away until all the clearing up is done, aren't you ....... {grin}


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