Saturday, 26 March 2011

Piddling around

No point trying to dig over the fedge bed today - having Wayne & Keith here guarantees enough interruptions that I'd not be able to get stuck into the job and keep going. Also no point in starting to use The Sherpa whilst a certain builders' assistant is on site ..... Keith has already expressed an interest in wanting to see just how much soil can be piled into the rotating drum before it stops turning under the weight. I think the civilised response to that is You're not getting anywhere near it, Sunshine .... I will save The Sherpa until it's just him and me and we can slowly get acquainted and I find out how to get the best from him.

Instead, I had a lovely day messing around with small jobs which have been getting ignored recently. Fixed sturdy willow screen onto the fence near the driveway, looks much better now and covered the 'alpine bed' in sheet mulch until I am ready to work on the soil. Ditto the long fedge bed.

Put up more bird boxes. Two little wren boxes have been tucked into the mature ivy in the nursery area, no idea if they will ever be used but it's worth a try. Also put two larger boxes up, one next to the canopy trellis and one on the leeward side of the arch from the cottage garden.

Exciting stuff like washing all the garden buckets and finding a new home for them. The garlic is growing strongly and got very excited about some poo on the grass which I think is hedgehog.

Oh, and Need has nothing to do with it ...

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