Friday, 25 March 2011

No gardening today

There wasn't meant to be ANY GARDENING today. Hobbit extremely tired and Management is at home so the plan was that he could supervise building works whilst I took a leisurely trip to Cockermouth and did the weekly shop. Which was a Great Plan until 07.30 when we got a phone call telling us that Wayne wasn't arriving at 8.00 but Keith now had a morning free ....

After a couple of false starts and a lot of messing around and missed phone calls I got Keith firmly ensconced in the Cottage Garden with a spade in his hand. Stripping the turf off the fedge bed was easy, digging it over proved more problematic. Less than one spit down we found an almost continuous layer of big river cobbles.

Suspect at one time in the past there may have been a very 70's Island Bed in the middle of the lawn ...... As Keith's and my ideas of thorough double digging exist in separate universes it was best to cover up the bed and find the man an alternative location for his spade!

That location turned out to be a stupid little bit of grass outside the sitting room where I plan to put the rotary clothes line (which will make sense when when the washing machine is moved to the new room). Management agrees that making this into an alpine bed covered in 'scree' will be low maintenance and will look OK when I'm not drying clothes there. It also gets far more sun than the current whirlygig location.

I now have a huge pile of turf ready to be stacked behind the shed. In a year or so it should be nice crumbly loam BUT until The Sherpa and I move the bulk bag of soil which is blocking the access it will have to stay by the greenhouse. Ruddy dependencies.

In between earth moving Keith also shifted concrete blocks for me and the nursery is up and running! I need to get different planks to put on the block pillars to make better use of the space but for now this is wonderful. Also want to rig up some shade netting over the snowdrops during summer but for now I keep walking into this area and smiling! At some point I want to exchange some of the staging for coldframes but that can wait.

At the end of the day I was grinning even more - after months of waiting Patersons have finally built two of the four obelisks we've ordered. They'll look less in your face when I have put wood preservative on them and even better with Clematis Nelly Moser scrambling all over. They will give some much-needed height in the Potager and Cottage Garden without blocking the view the way a tree or shrub might.
(and they are only temporarily perched on the bed to get an idea of how they'll look)


  1. No wonder you've been too tired to blog. It's amazing how much difference the last couple of weeks have made. It's all starting to come together now and looking great.

  2. Hi Sue, but if you could see it now - winds I could hardly stand up in earlier, all the daffodils are flattened.

  3. Oh, I love Nelly Moser clematis!!! Those and Jackmani are my favorites. Now, if I could just get them to grow!!!!!!

  4. Hi FFG, why won't clematis grow for you? Too hot and dry?


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