Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A long but fabulous day

The amazing weather has finally moved into our little corner of paradise and at times today I wondered if I ought to move out of the greenhouse before I got sunstroke. With the nursery area imminently usable I spent much of the day repotting things which have overwintered in the greenhouse. Added a little more bark chips to the nursery area to level out the top section and moved some shrubs.

The Artemesia doesn't seem to have suffered and I'm glad I did not get to plant it last year. I've decided I don't like it after all (foliage too bright, variegation too 'in your face') but have a cunning plan. I've agreed with elderly neighbour that I'm going to make good all the soil which was trampled when the trellis fence was erected and have promised him "a few plants". This is a mutually beneficial arrangement - he gets to look at something half decent and I get a chance to remove some of the worst weeds on his side before they grow back into our garden again. He's not a gardener, never will be, and is more than happy to leave me to it. Conveniently I now have a home for any surplus plants although there are valid questions about my sanity in taking on part of someone else's garden when I have so much of our own to deal with!

Dug up lots of the snowdrops which have spent a year in one of the raised beds. During a long repotting session I even wondered if it was possible to have too many but once they get replanted in the autumn I am sure I'll complain there are not enough. Still have to move the Bressingham Bulbs from James and I'd like to keep them separate from the "local" ones if I can.

Cleared out the strawberry bed and potted on 22 runners. Sowed Nigella, Lupins, Teasels and Aquilegia.

Mid afternoon the latest delivery of garden materials arrived. Strewth - I'd forgotten just how HEAVY concrete blocks are, even with the sack barrow I can only comfortably move one at a time, thank Dog they were offloaded onto the upper part of the garden, not on the drive.

When we moved to Cumbria I made a conscious decision to stop wearing a watch. Not knowing exactly what time it is can be extremely liberating - and also cause surprises. No wonder the light was going when I packed up tonight - it was 6.45pm.


  1. I'm with you on the lack of watch. It does result in some rum meal-times though!
    You are really making progress. That nursery area looks brilliant.

  2. You really are starting to get "real" gardening done now, the difference you've made this spring is amazing

  3. Thanks girls, yes - it does feel like we've turned a bit of a corner.

    Got three belated posts done so far (Mon, Tues & this one), a few more to come!

  4. You can take on our garden too, if you like. I don't mind in-your-face variegation!

  5. Cheers Roddie! Actually, I've been thinking about your garden and the "hedge problem". Keep meaning to ask you if a willow screen would do the trick. Not evergreen but wouldn't take up much space and could put on a lot of height quickly depending upon which willow variety you selected (see Harlow Carr visit, Kitchen Garden section, July last year). You could grow a different climber up it each year - last year H.C. used theirs for sweet peas, this year it will be broad beans.

    No, I am not coming down to plant it for you :{

  6. what amazing progress you've made.
    from Nic, slack blog reader extraordinaire


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