Sunday, 20 March 2011

A game of two halves?

A weekend that was split down the middle.

Saturday: bright, sunny, warm enough to work outside in a shirt, gorgeous Spring day. The bulk of The Sherpa in the shed meant that I could no longer put off sorting out all the tubs and boxes which had made their way onto the shed floor over the winter resulting in absolutely no floor space and difficulty in getting to/finding everything.

Keith arrived for another couple of hours in the Nursery and was able to dig up the yew which I thought I'd have to sacrifice. It may survive - it may not, but for now has been carefully planted in a big tub and put in a sheltered spot behind the house. Fingers crossed, it would be such a shame to lose it. I want to move more soil before I put down membrane and bark, but we're definitely moving in the right direction.

The digging fiend informs me that this is about 1½ tons of soil ... the plan is to clean it up with the assistance of The Sherpa and use it to supplement the (not yet dug) beds in the Cottage Garden. It is lovely soil and would be a shame to "waste" it under the nursery area floor covering.

Management needs to create an enclosure in his garage to prevent muck from the grinder and polishing wheels spraying everywhere. A bit of lateral thinking and I suggested a cheapo plastic greenhouse which he found on offer in Cockermouth. This worked perfectly - except it is too big and takes up more floor space than he wants so it had to be relocated. My "greenhouse within a greenhouse" space has now been tripled although I suspect I'll complain it is still not enough once seed sowing gets going in earnest.

Sunday: damp, windy, low cloud - a continuation of the crappy weather yesterday evening which prevented even a glimpse of the huge new moon. Management wired up the European two-pin plug which came with The Sherpa and we had fun running it in the shed - but with no soil. Looking forward to putting it to work outside. Whilst in tool mode Management also made some adjustments to an old shredder which has never worked particularly well, but I think it might get quite a bit of use in the future because he seems to have improved it's cutting ability considerably.

Despite the rubbish weather, Spring is here. Daffodils are blooming, the rhubarb is heading skywards and after hearing the Curlew for the past week, I have finally seen him above the house. The rhubarb bed also contains the one which got away. An over-wintered garlic is busy growing into something potentially huge - will be interesting to see what it's like when I finally harvest it.

Something is germinating enthusiastically in the fedge bed. There is a distinct possibility that in a moment of madness I dropped some seeds here so I'll leave them a bit longer until I can identify them - who knows, I might want to transplant some of them elsewhere. If nothing else they will be a little easier to pull out when bigger.


  1. Spring us here! I'm intrigued by your fedge bed seeds. Here, they'd be chickweed. It's everywhere.

  2. Can we have a shot of the daffs in the front border - I think that they will be most impressive (well they damn well should be, anyway!).

    I think that the one you've shown is in the garden?

  3. Kath, the seeds could be anything - shall wait and see.

    Hazel - good spot of out-of-focus trellis in background. Will get you a shot of the front but it's difficult to get everything in without falling into the field hedge!


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