Thursday, 17 February 2011

Transformation, 2

Dawn on Thursday wasn't bad either.

After a damp start the day cleared up quickly, Paul & Alan arrived at 8.30 and I was very grateful that today someone else was doing most of the work. I have to admit to being more than a bit tired after yesterdays marathon fence removal. My activities were confined to listening to Classic FM in the greenhouse whilst potting up the rescued plants and making tea & coffee as required for the workers.

It took all day and a lorry load of materials but by 5.00pm all the posts were in, braced and concreted.

Enough timber to recreate a small forest had already been offloaded

Trying to ignore the ivy ...

Much measuring and checking to ensure the correct size trellis panels are made (Paterson's trellis is always made to order and about twice as thick and three times as heavy as off-the-shelf panels from B&Q). Weather permitting, the trellis will be fitted on Saturday. In the meantime, my job tomorrow is to creosote all the posts. Oh goody .....

Most of these views from neighbour's garden, it should look pretty good once finished.

Trying not to get over-excited about the prospect of a significant number of clematis and climbing roses. There's an awful lot of ivy and ground elder to remove first.

(Most of these pictures taken late in the day with flash, I hate using flash ....)


  1. Wow! How exciting! A huge difference to that side in just a few days! A job started and (by the weekend) finished - all ready for you to do PLANTING.

    Well, alright, not exactly planting just yet - but prep for planting with the 'hard' landscaping out the way.

    Happy creosoting (ugh!) - at least the weather forecast is good for you tomorrow. :-)

  2. Hazel, I too am pinching myself - just not used to things happening so fast! It's wonderful albeit rather tiring {smile}

  3. Isn't that a grand job? I see your rescued plants include some aconites. What charmers they are. I've never managed to get them established.

  4. Thanks VH, I'm not usually a fan of yellow flowers but I can make an exception for aconites (and daffs, and sunflowers ....)

  5. Wow, I'm just catching up with blogs and I can't believe how much you've got done since I last checked in. A complete transformation, well done!

  6. Hi SewAli, welcome home, hope you had a lovely break. I can't believe it either - this all came as rather a surprise, albeit a good one!


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