Monday, 21 February 2011


When we said "rip out the family bathroom and refit" we didn't actually mean "rip every single thing out including the floor and expose the joists".

As usual, nothing at Bag End is simple and we expected to find the floor in a bit of a mess when the old carpet was lifted (ugh, carpeted bathroom, what were they thinking ...). No-one was really surprised when we found chipboard which had been hacked about over the years and significant unevenness where the shower tray is going.

Nor were we really surprised to find something of a deficit in the "supporting pillar" department which would explain some very springy joists.

Even so, by the end of the day we had all of the rubbish removed, plumbing first fix completed and a plan for putting things back together which is going to include Hobbit doing an awful lot of work at foundation level tomorrow night when the builders have left .... good fun, innit?


  1. I thought I'd accidentally stumbled on a report of our bathroom renovations for a minute there. Spooky. Do you think our houses are related?

  2. I don't know CB, but you were in my thoughts yesterday when I was thinking pretty much the same thing!

  3. Oh dear. You never do anything by halves in Hobbitland do you? Fences one day, bathrooms the next, what's next I wonder?

  4. I had a span of unsupported floor joists in the lounge giving the room a slight trampoline effect too! This is not somthing that you want in a bathroom, particularly if you are having a tiled floor!

  5. Cor heck! I feel for you. Ma and sister are having their bathroom and loo knocked together at the moment - it's been going on for over a week and still has a couple of days to go. Problem for us is that Ma can't manage to get off the loo without her grab handle - can't be put back till tiling done (today we hope) so she's spent the days here - being helped each time she needs to go and in between times COMPLAINING about the trilling and cheeping from Budgie Towers! Means I haven't been able to go anywhere!

  6. Thanks all, not one for a quiet life, huh?

    Flum - it should be me feeling for you, hope Mum and J. are fixed soon. BTW, how is Budgie Towers? Any sign of babies?

  7. Still not sure of the mix of genders in Budgie Towers yet Bilbo. Prim is a bloke, no question. The two youngsters? Willow looks like he's going to be male - the cere is colouring up to a pale blue. As for Sally - well s/he could be anything! Cere pale but faintly blue-ish. We might have 3 blokes so they'll spend the day sratching their privates and producing flatulence! If Sallow is female she'll have the pick of the fellers!

  8. Flum - fingers crossed that Sallow is a lady. Otherwise you need another - farmer down the road breeds them, sure you don't want to pick up another feathered baby next time you visit?

    (Yes, CB - a farmer who breeds budgies!)


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