Monday, 28 February 2011

February: what a lot of dots

Marking bad weather days is definitely one of Hazel's greatest ever ideas. Quite a surprise to look back on the month and see there were only a couple of occasions when I didn't get outside and both those days were because we had work going on indoors.

Quite a result for so early in the year.


  1. Now look, it shouldn't be possible to have red AND green dots on the same day!!

    Full points for perseverence, but it'll muck your maths up at the end of the year when you work out how many days out of a possible no. of days that you've done. {gg} Seriously, a very good month, and doesn't it show when you look out the window? Well done to you (and Cumbrian workforce!)

  2. Sorry Hazel - the 9th was cr*ppy weather but I went outside anyway! Fool Hobbit ...


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