Friday, 25 February 2011

Bathroom, taking a breather

Andrew has finished all the second fix that can be done for now.

The bath, toilet and basin are fully functioning and the shower tray is bedded in. Until the plaster dries Wayne cannot do the tiling and I can't paint the wall behind the towel rail/radiator. Once the tiling and painting is finished Andrew will come back to fit the radiator and shower screen. It might look a bit rough but even in this state the room is an order of magnitude better than before we started. Must get a new loo seat ....

However, waiting for the bathroom to dry doesn't mean I am taking a rest! We recycled the washbasin and units from the cloakroom into the bathroom and took advantage of Andrew's presence to have the toilet removed.

The loo was in completely the wrong part of the house (the middle) for how we live at Bag End. This little 6 foot square room is going to become a laundry/freezer room and a new cloakroom created at west end of the house. To create the laundry room we want to block up the door and putting a new opening in a different wall. Hoping we can persuade Wayne to start that as soon as he has completed the bathroom tiling.


  1. Okay, I take back what I was saying earlier about breaking the back of the house. Note to self, a Hobbit is always right.

  2. I know which side my bread is buttered...

  3. Time and time again it never fails to amaze me how an absolutely horrendous mess can be transformed into a beautiful room!

  4. Jill, it's not quite "beautiful" yet, but it is an order of magnitude better than before.


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