Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bathroom, day three

I'm having a few of those "pinch me" moments. Perhaps I have slipped into an alternate reality which looks like Cumbria, feels like Cumbria, but operates on a completely different timescale? Everyone knows how long it usually takes to get jobs completed at Bag End but last weeks fence transformation was outstanding and now we have a bathroom being renovated at speeds previously unheard of.

It took Wayne less than 10 minutes this morning to tighten the offending joint and stop the tiny leak I had found, it then took me 10 minutes to fit the already cut insulation panels and the new floor could be screwed down.

Things got a bit messy after that as new plaster was applied. At lunchtime another section of floor was removed and I managed to slide more insulation through the gap, after that it was keep out of the way until all four walls were smooth and the boys had cleared up.

Second fix tomorrow!


  1. Wowwee, they are moving really fast. Are you sure they're the real, original plumbers and not machine-clones of humans?

  2. Ah, but it's always the finishing touches that take an age (sorry to put a downer on things).

    Still I'm sure that a few shelves etc are no match for a determined Hobbit with a cordless drill {g}.

    With both bathrooms sorted and the remodelled kitchen you must feel that substantial progress has now been made and that the back of the house has been broken.

  3. Sue - whatever sort of machines they are, they definitely work best on lots of coffee & chocolate biscuits.

    James: the back of the house has been broken
    You are bluddy joking, aren't you? Now we move on to cloakroom/laundry room, ex-entrance hall, sewing room/kitchen revamp, sitting room, second WBS .... utility/entrance room: we've barely started

  4. Well, bathrooms and kitchens are usually the trickiest and longest due to the complexities involved with things like plumbing, electrics, appliances and sanitary ware.

    The second WBS sounds good {g}


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