Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Signs of Spring

Both yesterday and today I think I heard, but did not see, a Curlew. Beautiful haunting, mewing cry, definitely makes me think of Spring.

Plenty of daffodil growth in the bulb bed next to the road, but many early tips look like the have been nipped by freezing (or mice)?

The frost has gone leaving the ground wet and muddy and the lawn is in a terrible state. I won't be surprised if we get another bitterly cold spell before Spring arrives properly.
The coldest it got in the greenhouse during the Christmas freeze - definitely needs a clean when I continue the pre-season clean up.

Snowdrops, rescued last year from the shrubbery, doing well in a raised bed.

New growth on Alchemilla Mollis, I'll leave the old leaves for a couple of weeks more, they will protect the new shoots if it does get really cold


  1. The days are slipping by, aren't they? Will be lots of new growth before we know it. And I still need to be raking leaves!!! More will be coming down soon. The curse of live oaks in the yard.

    And warmer weather is just around the corner for us too, and not a minute too soon!!! Gotta haul the plants back inside tonight, though, to avoid freezing!!

  2. Lovely to see the bulbs coming through. Our snowdrops are in flower now. Very heart-lifting.
    I leave many of my perennials with the dead top growth on until March. I reckon it's protection. Others say it's laziness!

  3. We have lots of bulbs heading skywards too - with us it's the dwarf tulips that seenm to be nibbled - I was thinking maybe slugs but could be mice.


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