Friday, 14 January 2011

Puppy Progress

Has Sam really only been with us 11 days? It feels like much longer! As I've said before, I can cope with being wet, being cold or being hungry but deprive me of sleep and I don't do well at all.
The soft crate is to keep him safe in the car until he's big enough for a seat belt harness. He rather likes it as a bed in the sitting room.

He is desperate not to toilet inside his night-time crate or pen, even on newspaper. Our first 4 nights were, therefore, sleepless and difficult as we followed advice given to us by friends and relatives to pop him in pen and leave lots of newspaper down ... that didn't work. Neither did putting him in the kitchen at the other end of the house.
"helping" Management check the fencing; we like to "help" with anything we can get our nose into!

With a bladder the size of a peanut and the need to toilet every couple of hours, Sam screamed, wailed, cried, yapped, howled, screamed some more; if I'm going to be awake I might as well pull on boots and a dressing gown and take him outside. After that decision was made, night-times got a whole lot more peaceful, although still disturbed.

It won't be forever, and he has already managed four hours and five hours between garden visits on some nights, he only asks to be let out when he needs to pee.

With Sam's lavatorial requirements taken care of, it's down to the important business of being a puppy and growing fast. His first trip to the vet on Wednesday was calm - so calm that he fell asleep on Clare's consulting table. She gave him a thorough examination and commented on how big his feet are, and on the size of the growth plates on his front legs - he's going to be a BIG Beardie!
One of the many nicknames he has acquired this week is Chunky Monkey - just look at those front legs!

He was 4.28kg on Wednesday 5th and 5.00kg on Tuesday 11th, at this rate it will not be long before he has grown out of his temporary cardboard box beds.

Despite being hard work whilst he is so small, Sam is a dear little chap. He has a lovely nature, adores all the people he's met so far and seems quite bomb-proof to loud noises. I can put the hairdryer on within feet of him and he doesn't even react, and twice we've been in the garden at night when some nearby idiot has let of a bomb-type firework and he's looked up, found there is nothing to see and shrugged it off - wonderful!
Unconcerned by the wheelbarrow - and keen to help unload it!


  1. Amazing how much he's grown already. He looks so cute and is obviously very keen to help out around the garden.

  2. Look at the little pink feet! Aaaah! I love chickens' feet too. I'm sure it's an unhealthy obsession?
    Nice to have a dog that wants to be clean. Apart from the broken nights, your work there is done.

  3. Ah, I've been waiting for what seems an eternity for the next Sam Chronicle - I thought a piece of wet string had broken at your exchange and you were sans-ADSL for a while.

    OK, fix over. Don't think I can add much that I haven't already said.

    What an adorable little chap, and I can't wait until the time's right to meet him.

  4. Your Sammy is such an adorable little guy!! Like James, I've been waiting for another update, too!

  5. He's slowly turning from cute and fluffy to sleek and handsome ! What a difference in a few days. He definitely looks at home in "his patch" good luck with the longer sleeps. Know how you feel lack of sleep floors me as well.

  6. Ahh! He has got less pyjama-case puppy-plump in the last week - he is growing into his skin!

    Sounds like you'll be getting a full night's sleep again soon too.

  7. cripes, Sam was the same weight as my fluff ball Billy on Wednesday.
    No more growing for him though unlike your little chappy who'll not be wee for long!

  8. As a dog behaviourist I spend most of my time learning about and dealing with dogs that have missed out on these essential lessons in puppyhood. Here you are giving this chap the best start in life he could possibly have! Totally Brilliant!


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