Sunday, 30 January 2011


No, not turning into a cookery blog, although coincidentally that is what we had for supper tonight ...

Lasagne as in "lasagne gardening" which I have always considered to be one of those "if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is" ideas . However, the continued lack of progress around the garden is something I need to get on top of. Well, not so much lack of progress, but lack of completely finishing one job before moving onto the next. I know that there is usually a damn good reason why jobs are started and not finished - the weather gets disgusting, I don't have the right materials to hand, I need help from Management and he's not here ... bla bla bla. Whether these are reasons or excuses the nub of it is that I needed to be working outside and achieving something.

At 20 feet long and 8 feet deep the big bed in front of the trellis which screens the log piles was a huge undertaking to dig over so I hadn't started it. The "lasagne" method is described in Bob Flowerdew's book and in many other places online. As the soil is really good to start with there didn't seem any need to either knacker my back digging the area over traditionally, or knacker all the in situ worms by rotivating it. I also convinced myself that Bag End is big enough to have the odd experiment here and there and if it didn't work, so what?

Layer of straw and half a builder's bag of top soil (purchased last year for the big planters at the front - that's another job never finished).

Layer of cardboard and thick layer from the grass clippings bin - gardening lottery win - black, crumbly, smelt lovely and "peaty", dozens of worms, grass-boarding works!

Another layer of top soil and then I gave up for the afternoon.

It was 3.00, freezing cold, trying to snow and I was more than a little weary. Hopefully I will be able to shift some rotted cow manure tomorrow and then I can leave it all to settle down. There is no intention or expectation to do any planting here until May at the earliest which gives the worms time to mix the layers up a bit.

(The 8" x 2" boards at the front are temporary, we are going to use something else but for now I don't want a big barrier in the way of the wheelbarrow.)


  1. That sounds like a good way to get a decent flower bed to me - quite a bit easier than the other way you mentioned!

  2. The proof will be in the planting Sue. I wouldn't want to try it on heavily compacted ground, or soil which is full of roots and stones but this area is as good as any in the garden and it was worth a go :}

  3. Let the woirms do the work. It appeals to my laziness!

  4. Flummery, you are the last person who can ever claim to be lazy. But you are right, let the worms do the work - it's what they were designed for, after all!

  5. Are you going to have some stepping stones so you can reach to the back of the bed? Even Flum must agree that you'll have to do a bit of weeding/mulching.

  6. Probably Hazel, but that's a detail which is not quite nailed down, working out a planting scheme is daunting enough at present.


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