Sunday, 14 November 2010

Work in progress, painting

Deliberate choice of words - this is not decorating, this is sloshing some white paint around to freshen up the walls.

Our longer term plan for the kitchen includes knocking down half a wall, having the whole room re-plastered and changing the skirting and architrave so I have little desire and less intention to spend days and days on thorough preparation before repainting. I've filled holes where PO* had pictures, washed down the woodwork, and applied a couple of coats of white emulsion. Deciding that finished is better than perfect (and I cannot stand the mess in the rest of the house any longer) I ignored the ceiling.

Whilst waiting for the first coat to dry I moved the cupboard contents from the three rooms in which they were all spread. Took the opportunity to change things around a bit and have no confidence that the new arrangement of "bowls in this cupboard, plates in that one" etc., will work ...

I made an Executive Decision about the cooker. I have no expectation that the supplier will send us a completely new range. At best they will pay for an engineer to come and replace this glass panel and at worst they will offer cash to make us go away. If they send an engineer - great, if they send cash I will use that money towards paying for the repair myself. With that in mind I figured there was nothing to be gained by depriving myself of the ovens and grill so I've done the "burning off the smelly coatings" thing and hope that tomorrow when Andrew (plumber) comes back he will be able to work out why there was no gas on the burners.

It made life much, much simpler this evening to be able to pop supper into an oven! Despite Sarum's promise that her Blacksmith could tell me how to cook dinner on the wood burner, after a day with a paintbrush I was too tired for that particular adventure.

Still a lot to do, but much better than before the weekend:

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  1. I'll bet that supper never tasted so good!

  2. You must be so happy with the changes. Now, just need to get the cooker working and it'll be wonderful.

  3. Actually James, supper was a bit ho-hum because I need to get used to the oven temperatures.

    Sue - plumber is here and problem with gas supply has been identified and should be fixed in an hour or so :}> Expect stir-fry tonight!

  4. Wow that looks soooo much better than before. Sorry to hear about the cooker problem. Isn't it annoying when you can't use your new toy? I'm sure management will make the suppliers realise the importance of a successful resolution!


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