Saturday, 13 November 2010

Work in progress, 3

Eddie and Mark were back early Saturday morning and have done a brilliant job fitting cupboards where they didn't previously go and adapting the high level cornice.

Cooker hood fitted (not working until Glen - electrician - turns up) and shelving installed to fill a gap left by the previous owner's broken fridge. Andrew (plumber) due back on Monday morning to connect sink and hopefully he will fix whatever is wrong with the gas pipe which he installed yesterday.

As with all building projects there are lots of small jobs to finish but some of them (like kickboards) will wait until we change the flooring.

Unfortunately things are not quite perfect in The Shire, when the cooker was finally unpacked fully we found a problem. The hob has a ceramic warming zone with a glass cover that has a deep scratch in it. Knowing that scratched oven doors can suddenly explode if they get too hot we were not impressed. Thankfully Management took care of the deep and meaningful conversation with the supplier. Although we could use the ovens and grill we have agreed not to do anything with the cooker until the manufacturer has had a chance to join in this game - it will be easier to get a replacement if this one is unused, although I am not holding my breath ........

I've always joked that the WBS was a useful standby if we had no cooker - I never really meant it! Supper tonight will be still be a home-cooked meal but care of the freezer and microwave.

In the great big scheme of things, it's bloody irritating but as Management is fond of saying "nobody died - and it will get fixed". Bless him. He then helped me clean every cupboard and scrub the doors. Painting tomorrow.


  1. Now isn't that lovely! Nice choice of worktop there, too - very warm.

    How frustrating about the cooker lid - I would not be tempted to use it at all so that it can be uplifted (if it comes to that). I'm guessing that the alternative is an engineer equiped with a new top being dispatched to re-fit onsite?

    Management is quite right, of course - and it's a grand excuse for Sunday lunch out, of course.

  2. Many moons ago I came home on the "we are not going to have a hurricane" night to find the village blacksmith's answer to no electricity was to forge the necessary tools to cook a full roast dinner on the WBS! He had started cooking and the neighbours were in the bath as we were the only house to still have hot water. We had a lot of visitors while waiting for the power to be reconnected 3 days later! Any tips needed on WBS cooking just ask! Good luck with the replacement part/stove.

  3. It really looks great - I love the worktops. In the overall scheme of things, Management is right, but that doesn't make it any less irritating does it?

  4. Looking at that you'd never know it wasn't always like that {g}

    Good job lads, let's hope that the hob people don't let the side down!

  5. Thanks all.

    Am trying not to be frustrated about the cooker thing, and M. is doing all the dealing with the supplier, bless him.

    The rest of it is great and makes a huge difference to the room.


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