Friday, 12 November 2010

Work in progress, 2

We are happy, very very happy ....

Everything going extremely well and the level of attention to detail from Eddie and his son Mark is astounding. The amount of mess created when cutting worktops is also astounding and Management did a splendid job with his garage vacuum when they left.

They are back at 8.00am tomorrow morning, oh goody ........

We've had a wonderful supper at Bamboo in Market Place and I may have to do some serious snoozing in front of the TV until it is time for bed (the high winds yesterday kept me awake half the night and I managed about 3 hours, yawn).


  1. Very jealous of the beautiful new range. I too spend time saying rude words to my stupid cooker that doesn't work properly!!! Would love to revamp the kitchen but hall and stairs being done at the moment. Enjoy!

  2. The wood countertop looks luscious and the cooker certainly looks the business.


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