Friday, 19 November 2010

Steps and paving

Is it really a month since Wayne and Keith started this? In their defence, it has often been too wet to work with concrete and we haven't exactly been nagging to get the job finished. Over the past week, however, they've made some excellent progress.

Wayne decided this top slab was loose so up it came.

Clouds of dust everywhere when cutting back the old render.

Jobs at Bag End have a habit of growing. We all decided the best way of evening out the sloping bottom path from the driveway was to take the whole thing up and start again ...

New pillar rendered and waiting for dashing coat.

Trying to keep the rain off whilst the mortar set (novel use for discarded cooker hood?), the outside of the house badly needs painting :{<

Slabs pointed, need to infill tarmac on the drive, and as always a large quantity of rubbish to be dealt with.

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