Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snowing and sewing

Whilst some parts of the country are at a standstill thanks to unseasonably early heavy snowfall, thankfully we woke to only an inch - but that is still one inch more than usually falls this close to the west coast.

Management did boy-stuff in his heated garages whilst Harry, Bethan and I putzed around inside and straightened up the sewing room. It is apparent they are finding the weekend terribly stressful ...

Stencilled letters for the back of the children's quilts. They need to be left for 24 hours before I include them in backings.

(psst, before James asks the calico squares are 6")

Cleared snow from steps and paths, Management spread salt from the grit bin onto the road outside, and we're both wondering what tomorrow will bring. At 5.00pm it was MINUS 6 outside - thank Dog for the wood burning stove!


  1. With a view like that little wonder you did some sewing - a crafty Hobbit excuse to sit with one eye on sewing and the other on that view {g}

    Yes, H & B do seem so stressed out...It's a tough life being a dog a Bag End. Bet they like the WBS too!

  2. An evening with the Telegraph crossword has left me with the ability to unscramble the letters in a trice! {gg}

    Is your hip holding up for dog walking? -6 degrees! Colder than here - I hope you are wrapping up warm!

  3. Glad Hazel can unscramble the letters and James has not pointed out any potential spelling mistakes!

    Weatherstation CLAIMED it was -11 before we went to bed last night. I didn't believe it and wanted to get the max/min thermometer out of the greenhouse as a control - but the g/h door was frozen shut :{<

  4. Our weather station reckoned -8.8 this morning, so I'm inclined to believe you hit -11, it was pretty darn cold! Definitely a day to wrap up warm. I hope Bethan & Harry's 2-legs manage to get back for them, though they do look as if they've moved in permanently LOL!!

  5. Sewali, Cockermouth School has lots of meteorological data on its website and they hit -8 last night. Although the school is on the edge of town we are more exposed. If you also went below -8, maybe -11 is correct.


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