Saturday, 20 November 2010

Pot wash

Every year I decide THIS will be the year that I rinse out flowerpots as they are emptied and not allow a huge pile to build up which takes the best part of a day to deal with.

2010 was not the year, the lovely thing about most gardening tasks is if you screw up one year you can always try again the next ...


  1. And next year you'll be saying the same ... how do I know this? I do it myself every time LOL! Looks like you've been busy since we visited, I've missed your last couple of posts, so it's good to catch up.

  2. Aww, thanks (I don't think!), there was me hoping I could do better next year LOL.

    Sorry you had to do some blog catch-up, the downside of making Bag End private is that Blogger no longer provides an RSS feed therefore no more notifications when there is a new post.

  3. Hi Bilbo, so glad you posted on this subject. I have a stack in the shed waiting to be cleaned....yuk! One job I detest......but you have motivated me.

  4. I'm fairly good at washing pots as I go (note that 'fairly' is a subjective term!), although I do have my share of pots with a bit of dried soil remnents round the sides from last year which can be brushed out...

    You have not inspired me to sort these out - and even if you had, a glance out at the all-day grey drizzle would have changed my mind again for me!

  5. Sorry girls :}> One of those jobs which I keep putting off and when I get around to it, it's not really that bad after all.

    I do have a small pile in the greenhouse from this week's sorting out and potting up, it would be nice to get them cleaned this side of Christmas ....


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